The Life Tracker

Have you ever read, watched, heard, experienced something or met someone and afterwards, you wanted to remember something specific, as you thought it could be useful in the future? And by taking notes over the years, and adding them to your own, you have realised that you’ve collected an overwhelming amount of information, ideas, models, advice etc but it’s all over the place? And maybe you’ve wondered if there’s a way of putting it all in one place and making sense of it as part of a proper framework? Something that actually goes well beyond everything mentioned above and also helps you to improve and balance your own:

  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Relationships
  • Personal Time and Development
  • Environment
  • Finances
  • Business or Occupation
  • Positive Impact

…So that in one glance you can see how it could all be related to YOUR life? And how, if applied practically, it could all be very useful going forwards and even help with some of your own personal challenges you’ve been struggling with for a while? Well, this is exactly that. Ideal for times of transition.

The Life Tracker allows you to take control, keep track of how things are progressing, highlights where you need to improve and where to direct your attention to achieve your goals. It also shows how everything is interconnected. It’s your own accountability partner, a mirror if you like, a snapshot of your life, it will point you in the right direction with no judgement or external dependence. It also easily fits into any schedule or routine, is flexible to suit you and your life and has delivered some great results for hundreds of others around the world.

For more information on private group workshops on how The Life Tracker works and how it can be beneficial to both yourself and members of your team or your group, please contact us by CLICKING HERE